Your logs can tell you the stories behind your downtime, performance dips, and security attacks. Get the power to read them with Alecmo.

Context-rich and intuitive search When you Deep-dive into an Analysis you Gotta Have the Right Gear

When your servers are tossing errors during your peak usage hours, examining raw logs is not going to give you answers right away. Start from a place of context and search real-time and historical data the easy way, with type-ahead suggestions. Nail down on the source that’s ailing your IT operations within a matter of minutes from simple text searches. And visualize the results as dashboards and reports for continued monitoring.

Alarms When you’re Proactive, there’s hardly a Reason to Be Alarmed

Regular check-ins are vital to monitor the health of your systems. Some incidents, however, demand more than that. Correlate logs across time, locations, and disparate log sources to identify and mitigate attacks before they happen. Create real-time Alarms that notify the right person at the right time. Alecmo helps the assigned person get to the root cause faster with a timeline view of the related logs that ticked off the Alarm.

Advanced Correlation Add as Many Layers as you Have to,
to Fight Alert Fatigue

Conditions that are loosely set based on a single event and threshold value are bound to trigger more Alarms than your whole team can keep track of, even with a 24/7 on-call rotation. Let your best minds make the best use of their time by creating only alerts that matter. Eliminate the occurrences of false positives with logical relationship-mapping between multiple events. That way, you break the glass to grab your fire-fighting kit, only when there’s a real fire.

Dashboards and Reports Prevent your Security Posture From Becoming Even a Little Bendy

Data is either valuable or useless, depending on how you make sense of it. Structured and unstructured logs - when not pieced together as insight-driven histograms and graphs - are the latter. Get real-time visibility into what’s happening in your environment. Start with pre-built dashboards and customize it with drag-and-drop widgets as you go. Go from high-level views to event-level drill-downs for faster resolutions. And keep external teams in the loop with shareable URLs that disappear after a set time.

Because your Log Management Shouldn’t Need Managing

Alecmo scales gracefully without letting you experience the pain of it. Expand your storage and compute resources with auto-recommendations and single-click delegations. In a nutshell, Alecmo’s node allocation, storage, and computing performance dynamically scale - all within your premises, all with a click of a button.

What security engineers say about DIY and existing log analytics solutions

" The value that you get out of this (log analytics) platform directly correlates to the amount of effort you put into optimizing it. "

What makes our log analytics solution different

We care about making your daily operations actually easy. We’re going to measure success by asking your analysts and engineers the question - "how long did it take you to perform a certain task?"

  • Easily scalable Product Architecture

    Dynamically scale your platform through data peaks and valleys, within the security of your own infrastructure and without exorbitant costs of the cloud. All from a click of a button.

  • User actions that need no getting used to

    Your hiring criteria should be “smart and efficient”, not “5+ years of experience in a particular tool”. Alecmo enables engineers to perform complex troubleshooting with accuracy, from day 1.

  • Auto-tuned to your IT Infrastructure

    Customize your Alecmo platform by choosing plug-ins of the applications and services you want to monitor. Pre-made dashboards and alerting rules get automatically imported accordingly.

Drive Intelligence to your Daily IT Operations. With Ease. At Scale.

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